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Discussion Questions

Sunday, April 11
Stop Agreeing with Jesus - Part 1
Discussion Questions - Matthew 5:21-26

  • What are some examples in our culture where you see people not doing what they say they believe?
  • Where do you see Christians doing the same thing?
  • What are the consequences (at home, at church, in the community) of Christians not living out what they say they believe?
  • Read Matthew 7:24-27 and Matthew 7:21-23. How does Jesus view someone who claims to be a Christian yet doesn’t do what He said?
  • Discuss the different reasons why discrepancies exist between what Christians say they believe and how Christians live.
  • When are we to seek reconciliation with someone? What if we don’t think we did anything wrong and yet they are still mad at us? What instructions did Jesus give in this area?
  • What is significant about Jesus’ words “leave your gift at the altar?” What does this reveal about what He finds more important?
  • What is revealed about God’s heart in the following passages: Micah 6:6-8, Psalm 51:16-17, 1 Samuel 15:22. How do these passages connect with Jesus’ teachings from today’s passages?
  • What is the possible connection between a Christian’s perpetually feeling defeated and his/her unwillingness to learn and/or obey the teachings of Jesus?
  • Based on Jesus’ teachings from today’s passages, what do you need to do in order to obey it? What are some possible obstacles you may face in trying to obey this passage?

This week's bulletin and weekly devotionals can be found here. (Select the series of your choice and the notes tab.)

Sunday, April 4
John 6

  • What are some things you are afraid of? Why?
  • How do these fears effect your daily life?
  • Discuss John 6. What was going on in the story? What did Jesus tell the disciples to do? Where did Jesus go?
  • Describe the scenario the disciples faced on the water. What made it worse? What things would have made them scared?
  • What is significant about Jesus walking on the water? What does this eventually teach the disciples? And us?
  • At what point in the story did Jesus calm the storm? At what point in the story did He tell them to not be afraid? What is interesting about the time between the two?
  • Why do you think they did not recognize Jesus when He came walking on the water?
  • At what points in our life have we not looked for Jesus to give us what we need?
  • What does the resurrection remind us about Jesus when compared to our fears?
This week's bulletin and weekly devotionals can be found here(Select the series of your choice and the notes tab.)

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