Sunday Sermon

Discussion Questions

Sunday, August 9

Discussion Questions - Romans 12

  • What stands out in this passage and the sermon?
  • What do professional athletes seem to have in common regarding their preparation?
  • Why is this important? How does their preparation effect their ability?
  • What comes to mind when Paul says for us to be a ‘living sacrifice?’ Why did he tell us that?
  • What do the words ‘conformed’ and ‘transformed’ mean as Paul wrote them? How do you apply them to your life?
  • Look at the list of behaviors Paul mentions in verses 3-20. How is a Christian supposed to get better at living this way?
  • We might be tempted to choose a few from the list and excuse our behavior by saying we’re not good at them. How would Paul answer that excuse? What advice would he give? (Hint: see verse 1)
  • Ultimately why would we want to be a ‘living sacrifice’ for Christ?
  • What may need to change in your life because of this passage and sermon?

Sunday, August 2

Discussion Questions – Romans 9-11

  • What stood out from the sermon and the Scripture?
  • Name some mysteries found in creation that are interesting to you.
  • How do those mysteries effect your view of God? Do they make you question Him or put you in awe of Him?
  • What do you confidently know about God? What are you less confident about?
  • In chapter 9 Paul talks about Pharaoh. What do you understand Paul to say about him?
  • What did Paul say about God being unjust toward Pharaoh in chapter 9:14? Why is this important?
  • What does Paul say in chapter 10:13? What does this mean? What are the implications of this verse?
  • How does this verse effect what Paul said about Pharaoh in chapter 9?
  • These verses create a mystery in our understanding of how God operates. How does this mystery of God’s grace effect the way you see God?
  • Read chapter 11: 33-36. What did the mystery do for Paul’s view of God?

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