Sunday Sermon

Discussion Questions

Sunday, May 29
“Unseen!” Part 2
Matthew 6

  • What different things do we do in order to get people to like us / think highly of us? Why do we want people to approve of us?
  • What types of things do people have in their life they hope no one finds out about? How do they hide these things from others?
  • Why is Jesus concerned with giving in secrecy?
  • Why does He say to pray in private?
  • What is fasting and why does Jesus say no one should know we’re doing it?
  • How do all three of these topics relate to our private character? How might we be tempted to emphasize the public side of these disciplines while ignoring the private side?
  • What does the Lord’s Prayer teach us about praying? How does the focus of this prayer differ from the focus of our normal prayers?
  • How do the topics of our prayers reveal our character / motives / etc.?
  • Why does Jesus bring up the topic of forgiveness while discussing our private character? What’s the connection?
  • If someone doesn’t like who they are, what does Jesus offer? How does this work?

Don't forget to read your Daily Devotionals.

Sunday, May 22
“Unseen!” Part 1
Matthew 6

  • What is the first question that comes to mind when you hear of another leader falling?
  • How would you hope someone would describe your character? Why did you choose these characteristics?
  • What reasons do people often lack this type of character?
  • What does Jesus warn about in verse one? What is it about this topic that leads Him to issue the warning?
  • Compare and contrast the reward we get from others for our goodness versus the reward God wants us to have.
  • Give a few examples of ‘humble brags.’ Why do people do this? What do they hope to obtain?
  • How does Jesus say in verse three to avoid hypocrisy in our giving? What are different ways this can be accomplished?
  • What does the last sentence of verse four mean when Jesus says “the Father who sees in secret will reward you in secret?” What’s appealing about God’s rewards?
  • What advice would you give someone who wants to take steps to ordering their private world? What pitfalls should they avoid? What boundaries should they put in their lives?

Don't forget to read your Daily Devotionals.

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