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Discussion Questions

Sunday, January 24
The Voice - Part 3
Discussion Questions - John 10

  • What stood out from the passage and/or the sermon? Why?
  • Discuss the different reasons you may struggle to hear the voice of God?
  • What are different ways God speaks? (a review of last week)
  • Discuss John 10. What was the sheep pen like? Why did the shepherd use the sheep pen? When did the sheep go in the pen?
  • How did the sheep recognize the shepherd’s voice above the voices of the other shepherds?
  • Where was the shepherd taking them when he left the sheep pen (v9)? What happens when the sheep get to the pasture? What does this reveal about the shepherd’s heart for the sheep?
  • Use verse 10 to compare and contrast the thief and the shepherd? What does each offer? What is the end result of both influences? How does this analogy translate into our world?
  • In what ways does our society promise to satisfy our spiritual thirst? How do we know it’s not working? Why do we keep returning to it if it doesn’t work?
  • If the sheep follow the shepherd’s voice, what is God telling you to do? What is keeping you from doing it?
This week's bulletin and weekly devotionals can be found here(Select the series of your choice and the notes tab.)

Sunday, January 17
The Voice - Part 2
Discussion Questions - 1 Samuel 3

  • What stood out from the Scripture and/or the sermon?
  • What’s behind our ability to recognize voices? How does this relate to our hearing the voice of God?
  • What standard(s) do people commonly use to determine if God is talking to them? Are these always healthy? Why or why not?
  • Read 1 Samuel 3. Who was Eli? Why was Samuel living with Eli? Where did they live? What did they do?
  • Who did Samuel think was calling out to him? Discuss some of the reasons why Samuel may not have known it was God calling him.
  • What are reasons we don’t recognize, like Samuel, the voice of God?
  • What happens when we think we hear from God but in fact we are listening to the other voices in our life? What are examples of when this might happen? What are the other voices?
  • What were Eli’s instructions to Samuel when he realized it could be God speaking? How does his advice apply to us today?
  • Review the four ways Henry Blackaby says God speaks. How does this help us recognize the voice of God?
  • If God is always speaking, what do you need to do in order to hear Him?

This week's bulletin and weekly devotionals can be found here. (Select the series of your choice and the notes tab.)

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