Phase I
Watch Worship Live - Online Only – No Audience, Sunday, May 24

  •  9:15 Celebration and Encounter and 10:45 Celebration. This will provide the opportunity for our volunteers to “practice” a Sunday before returning. These services will be broadcast live.
  •  AVL, bands, vocalists, staff, selected leadership, family members will attend. No choir/orchestra in this service. No childcare.
  •  Social distancing observed.

Phase II
Worship Services Only, Sunday, May 31 – TBD

  • SERVICE TIMES: During this phase five smaller, shorter services will be offered. Celebration and Encounter will have no more than 50% seating capacity available. Ushers will be responsible for counting people as they enter and only one entrance for each service will be available, with the exception of the handicap parking entrance to Celebration. All other areas of the church will be cordoned off.

    We will continue to provide online worship for those who are more comfortable worshiping from home.

               45 min services / 45 min between services

               8:30 – 9:15 Celebration

               9:15 – 10:00 Encounter

               10:00 – 10:45 Celebration

               10:45 – 11:30 Encounter

               11:30 –12:15 Celebration

  •  SEATING: Everyone will be asked to remain in their car and enter the building no earlier than 10 minutes before the service starts. Exterior doors will be propped open by greeters 10 minutes before the service begins. Everyone will be asked to leave at least three empty seats between families and every other row will be closed off in the Worship Center. Encounter will have chairs set up at round tables to create separate seating for families. The balcony in Celebration will be closed except in the rare case it is needed for overflow seating. The Loft will also be streaming the live service and will be used for additional overflow seating if necessary.
  •  CLEANING: Worship areas and seats will be sanitized between each service by volunteers. Volunteers will be in the restrooms sanitizing after each guest. Volunteers will have their temperatures taken as they enter the building. All hymnals, Bibles, pens, and paper will be removed from the sitting areas. No food or beverage services will be offered, and water fountains will be turned off. Greeters will spray hand sanitizer into everyone’s hand as they arrive on campus. All volunteers will wear masks.
  •  STREAMING: Services will be streamed on Facebook Live and the church website so individuals may continue worshiping at home. Those who are in vulnerable health categories should give extra consideration before attending a live worship service. No one experiencing any signs of illness or who have been exposed to anyone with signs of illness (fever, coughing, sneezing, loss of smell/taste, etc.) should attend.
  •  ENTRY/EXIT: Guests attending the Celebration service will enter through the Welcome Center and exit through the rotunda and south exit doors. The Encounter service will enter through the Welcome Center and exit through the playground and back gym door. The playground will be roped off. People will be led to sit on the front rows first filling in seats toward the back. At the conclusion of each service guests will be dismissed from the back rows first leading to the front.
  •  MASKS: Guests are encouraged to bring their own mask. Disposable masks will be available before you enter the Welcome Center and handicap entrance at the west end of the worship center. Hand sanitizer will also be available.
  •  SOCIAL DISTANCING: All are asked to practice social distancing maintaining the recommended 6-foot distance. Please do not hug anyone or shake hands. We will encourage social distancing and hand waving.
  •  ON CAMPUS ACTIVITIES: Sunday School classes, small groups, nursery, children, youth classes etc. will not meet on campus on Sundays during this phase. All educational areas will be closed on Sundays. Use of the facility for groups during the week will be evaluated per request and must meet certain guidelines (i.e. size limitations, sanitizing procedures, availability, etc.). Online video meetings are continually encouraged until the building is completely reopened.
  • WORSHIP: Worship teams will be limited to the rhythm section (piano, drums, bass guitar, guitar, keyboard) and praise team. No choir or orchestra for this phase of reopening.
  • OFFERING: The offering will be collected at the door by ushers at the end of the service. Security will be stationed at each exit.

Phase III
Resume Normal Sunday Schedule (TBD)

  • We will continue to monitor the development of the pandemic and make decisions based on governmental regulations.
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