What is God calling you to do?

Our church exists to develop missionaries who will share the love of Christ with our community and beyond. This statement is more than words for us. It's why we're here, and we want to invite each of you to be a part of sharing the love of Christ by serving our community.

Our hearts break for the brokenness we see in our cities, and God has placed us here to make Him known and make things right. True compassion is a movement of our hearts that results in an action of our hands, and we want our world to see Christ through our compassion.

There are many opportunities to volunteer inside and outside our church walls. Ask God what He would have you do and take the next step. We are excited and waiting with anticipation to see what God is going to do through you as we work together to share the love of Christ. Don't hesitate to call us (941-722-7795) if you have questions, we're here to help.


Our 2023 SERVE Saturday dates are February 18, May 6, and November 11 so save the dates!

Our next SERVE Saturday event is November 11, 2023. Are you ready to SERVE?

NOTE:  You must sign the Volunteer Services Assumption of Risk and Release form which is in effect from January 1, 2023 through December 31, 2023 when you volunteer to serve. 

Watch this space as the time draws near for your opportunity to sign up. 

If you have a need and would like to be considered for our Neighbors Needing Help SERVE project call the church office at 941-722-7795.

Thank you to those who served on May 6, 2023.

Homeless Mat Project: We had 34 people cutting, looping and crocheting bags. The fellowship among the people was a blessed event.
F.E.L.T.: The FELT project went extremely well. What was needed at the facility was cleaning of the food bins and collection barrels, cleanup around their property and weed trimming around the walks and property. 
Laundromats: At the Laundromat we were packed and ran out of coins by 9:15!  Many heard the Gospel.
Azinger Compassion Center: There were 8 of us inside at Azinger Family Compassion Center, working with about the same number of people from FBC Bradenton. We sorted through stacked pallets of donated boxed food discarding expired products, separating food into appropriate categories, and we stocked shelves inside the warehouse for the foster families. 
Prayer: We had 3 physically on-site and some praying from home. We prayed over all the opportunities, leaders and descriptions of work to be done. We also prayed for many other things.
Il Villaggio: What a truly blessed Serve Saturday as 42 volunteers came to the Il Villaggio to demonstrate God’s love to those who had dedicated their lives spreading the Gospel. Everyone jumped in and began cleaning windows and screens completing 44 duplexes which is 88 homes and a total of 704 windows plus screens. 
Sewing: It was a fun day with lots of laughter and lots of finished duty bags. There were 10 of us and we even had one of the husbands helping at the end. 
Suncoast Youth For Christ: Eight of us walked the grounds and found several projects from weeding, power washing, trimming trees to cleaning windows and building a small roof. 
Mt Carmel Resource Center: We were able to remove the rotted front entry and rebuild a new one. We also removed all the rotted wood from the carport and replaced it with new carrier beams and rafters. 
Guardian Angels (Foster Homes): We had about 14 workers wash windows at the six foster homes as well as the Azinger Compassion Center, we weeded the front yards in all six foster homes, we stained a wooden jungle gym set and picnic table, and were treated to a tour of the Azinger Compassion Center. 

And many stories of our service to our Neighbors Needing Help in the community.

Thank you to those who served on February 18, 2023

We had over 210 volunteers go out into the community and show the love of Jesus Christ in several ways:

Neighbors Needing Help: We sent over 20 volunteers into the community to assist residents and other churches with gutter cleaning, power washing, window repair, tree trimming, and painting.  We were able to serve at eight locations in the Palmetto area.

SELAH Freedom: We trimmed palm trees, cut down a dead tree and cut it for firewood, cleaned debris from previous storms and spread a freash layer of mulch.

Il Villaggio: We sent 24 dedicated, hard working, committed volunteers to clean the windows of 43 duplexes - which represented 86 residences.  This gained the thanks and appreciation of those who call this village home and left a wonderful feeling in all participants!

Prayer Team: We had a total of six prayer warriors praying for all the opportunities, leaders and volunteers. 

Homeless Mat project:  We had about 40 men and women help prepare the bags so mats can be made.  The fellowship formed within this group was a blessing to watch.  We will be delivering 12 mats and 24 backpacks to Turning Point. 

Laundromat Ministry: We served in two laundromats in Palmetto from 7:30 AM until we ran out of coins, one at 10:00 and the other at 10:45.  There were nine in our two teams. Three were fluent in Spanish. We ministered to approximately 120 people, passed out tracts and Gospels of John, and invitations to the church and the Spanish class. We ministered to 65% Spanish speakers. There are many stories of these wonderful people we could share. We prayed with many about their needs and especially about their need for a Savior.

And many more stories... 

Thank you to those who served on October 22, 2022

We had over 150 volunteers go out into the community and show the love of Jesus Christ in several ways:

Azinger Compassion Center - A team of 9 servants met at Azinger Compassion Center. After opening in prayer, our team formed an assembly line that prepped, filled and packed hundreds of individual containers of disinfecting hand wipes. These wipes will be added to other products such as household cleaning supplies, and hygiene items, etc. and will be distributed along with bags of food, and cases of water as part of the ongoing hurricane relief efforts taking place in south Florida. It was an honor working alongside these fellow Christ followers who are sharing His love to others in simple, practical,  yet necessary ways.

Suncoast Youth For Christ - We had a great turnout today with volunteers including teens,  adults, along  with parents and their children at Suncoast  Youth for Christ today. Everyone pitched in and helped by tree and shrub trimming, weed whacking and house cleaning. We constructed a kayak/ canoe rack and its covering, leveled up two leaning light poles and concreted their bases. With some sweat, blisters, and smiling faces we wrapped  things up just before 12 o’clock.  I’m thankful to be part of this team and helping with Suncoast Youth For Christ that reaches out to so many hurting teenagers.   

Il Villaggio - Outstanding effort by all involved in cleaning the windows of Villagio residents. Removed the storm blasted debris allowing God’s light to shine through!! As always everyone was so very appreciative. 

Laundromats - The two laundromats had amazing encounters with the people. A number heard the Gospel. Each person received a tract, an invitation to church or to the Hispanic class and many received the Gospel of John.

And many more stories... 

Thank you to those who served on May 14, 2022

We had over 175 volunteers go out into the community and show the love of Jesus Christ in several ways:

Azinger Compassion Center - We had a wonderful group of volunteers that served  at Azinger Compassion Center - both inside sorting through donated food, clothing, shoes, supplies etc and organizing these items for distribution, but also a small crew outside the facility  trimming palms, weed whacking and washing trucks.

Suncoast Youth For Christ - The goal for this project was to bring some of our young Christians to the facility to work alongside the boys and girls at Youth For Christ to provide some mentoring opportunities while getting some work done on the facility itself.  The day was capped off with barbeque being delivered and the whole group sharing food and fellowship.  

Neighbors Needing Help - Our Young Pros group gathered at one of the homes and completely repainted the outside of the house.  We also served a few other neighbors in need with gutter repairs, raking, and power washing.

Il Villaggio - We provided 10 hard working, dedicated, brothers and sisters of Christ to clean hundreds of windows for homeowners in this retirement community - allowing the wonderful light of the world to shine through.

Laundromats - We visited two local laundromats and fed quarters into washers and dryers as we discussed Jesus with the patrons.  Many spanish bibles and tracts were handed out.

And many more stories... 

Thank you to those who served on February 5, 2022

We had over 200 volunteers go out into the community and show the love of Jesus Christ in several ways:

Azinger Compassion Center - We had 49 awesome people on my team today! We made 216 boxes of food and wiped out the entire store room!

Guardian Angels - We power washed 2 houses, driveways and the front white fence. We cleared 600+ feet of I-275 fence line and around the retention pond. 

Neighbors Needing Help - We served individual homeowners in the area who were in need of yard work they could not perform on their own.

Il Villaggio - This 24 person group cleaned the windows of 64 duplexes which is 128 residences and 5 laundry buildings.  Not only that but multiple interaction opportunities with residents many very engaging and all appreciative since many had not had them cleaned in years.

And many more... 

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