A Virtuous Woman

By George Volpe
   “My soul magnifies the Lord, and my spirit rejoices in God my Savior.” Luke 1:46-47 

   The worldly model held up to women today is to demonstrate their capabilities, like the Amazon, glorying in physical prowess at the expense of feminine decorum and modesty. It is to emulate the goddess of impure love, Venus, regarding beauty of form and personal charms as the highest type of female excellence. But the humanistic model is not acceptable to God. The model God honors would be Mary, the mother of Jesus. She is the pattern of virtue; maiden, wife and mother. She exhibits virginal modesty becoming the woman of conjugal fidelity and loyalty, and the untiring devotedness of a mother.
   Mary grew up in the small northern town of Nazareth. Excavations of that area show that she probably lived in spartan quarters of maybe three rooms. She was a poor peasant girl. But we get a glimpse of why God chose Mary when she speaks to the angel Gabriel, and when she visits her cousin Elizabeth.
   When she saw the angel, she was “troubled,” or somewhat shaken. That would be understandable. But she didn’t cry out, or act as though she was in danger. She wondered why the angel had come, and the angel knew it, and comforted her. He also knew her standing before God when he said, “The Lord is with you.” Mary had a deep abiding faith in God. She simply took the angel at his word. Most of us would be wondering if this was how our time on earth was ending. 
   Mary knew the Old Testament. She understood the promises of God’s plan for redemption and the coming Messiah. Her recorded words are not many, but they are filled with worship and understanding, and a clear knowledge of God’s plan for mankind. (Luke 1:46-55) Here is a teenage girl, probably not much beyond puberty, with not only a mature understanding of God, but a devoted willingness to give her all for His will and purpose. Her heart was prepared to serve for a lifetime, and she did. Was this one of the greatest privileges any woman could ever experience? Absolutely. Was it also one of the most difficult tasks a woman could take on? Surely. Mary puts me to shame.
   Although she recognized how blessed she was to be called to serve God in this way, she knew she needed to trust in her own child, Jesus, just as anyone else in order to receive the gift of eternal life. She said, “My spirit has rejoiced in God my Savior.”
   Mary would renounce any attempts to worship her or detract from the Lordship of Jesus Christ, who alone is God, and who alone is worthy of worship.

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