Devotion Three

By Phillip Hamm

The New York Times tells the story about a 2¹/₂-year-old girl, in June 10, 1986, who slipped and fell into a creek near her Salt Lake City home. She spent 66 minutes in the freezing water, her body lodged against a rock. Conventional wisdom held that 15 minutes was the maximum anyone could survive drowning. When rescue workers pulled her onto the bank, she had no pulse. Her skin had turned a light blue, the color of oxygen deprivation. Her pupils were fixed and dilated, evidence that her brain had shut down.

Clinically, she was dead.

Out of blind hope, paramedics performed CPR. At the hospital, doctors continued CPR, while also connecting her to a heart-lung bypass machine to help rewarm her body, which had plummeted to 72 degrees.

One hour went by. Then two hours. By the third, the girl took a small, almost undetectable breath. Then her heart began to flutter. She continued recovering in the days and weeks that followed, eventually released after having made a “complete neurological recovery.”

We’ve heard remarkable stories like these over the years. Stories of people who were dead and brought back to life by doctors who refused to give up. The interesting point in every story is the patients were powerless to revive themselves. They were completely dependent upon an outside source to give them life.

Much of the same is true in our spiritual lives. Left to ourselves we are spiritually dead. Any spiritual life we have is the gift of God with no help from us. In preparation for Sunday’s worship read Ephesians 2:1-10.

Bible Reading Plan - Day 70

Genesis 42-44

Ps 60

Prepare for Worship

As you prepare your heart for worship Sunday morning read Psalm 145.


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