Friday – A Debased Mind

By Paul E. Collier

“God gave them over to a debased mind.” Romans 1:28

People who want nothing to do with God make themselves candidates for His ultimate judgment. They spend their days alienated from Him and will spend eternity banished from God's presence unless they repent. Debased is not a word we are familiar with. Its synonyms are corrupted, stained, polluted, and ruined. Now we get the picture of a mind devoid of God.

Aaron Burr, the third Vice President of the United States, was reared in a godly home and admonished to accept Christ by his grandfather Jonathan Edwards (the famous revivalist of his day). But he refused to listen. Instead, he declared that he wanted nothing to do with God and said he wished the Lord would leave him alone. He achieved a measure of political success in spite of repeated disappointments. But he was also involved in continuous strife.

When he was forty-eight years old, he killed Alexander Hamilton in a duel. He lived for thirty-two more years but was unhappy and unproductive. During this sad chapter in his life he declared to a group of friends, "Sixty years ago I told God that if He would let me alone, I would let Him alone, and God has not bothered about me since." Aaron Burr got what he wanted. What a tragic admission.

When we read the passage today it should stir our hearts to share the live-giving power of the Gospel. It should be the focus of our lives every day. Sadly, many Christians live their entire lives without ever influencing an unsaved person to trust Christ as their Savior. As we look around the mess our world is in now, we know the need is greater today than any time in our history. People claim to be wise but have become fools by rejecting the message of God for their lives.

One of the greatest privileges of being a pastor is the joy of standing in front of an audience and proclaiming the Gospel. From my personal experience, I am deeply moved to see the faces in the audience. You can see the faces of believers and their approval and blessing to know that the message of salvation is being preached. But even greater is to see the faces of lost people and observe their interest in the message. When we see indifferent and even scowls, it propels us the share the Gospel in the power of the Holy Spirit.

Friends, we cannot be complacent. We must be vigilant to see people come to Christ and not end up like Mr. Burr. Sadly, many will.

Bible Reading Plan - Day 5

Joshua 3-4

Ps 94

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