Friday – An Unlikely Heroine - Just Like God Planned

By Nick Molick

   “Now then, please swear to me by the Lord, that, as I have dealt kindly with you, you also will deal kindly with my father’s house and give me a sure sign.” Joshua 2:12

   We all have times when we feel inadequate or not up to the task at hand. Hopefully those moments are few and far between. However, all through the Bible are examples of unlikely people chosen to be an integral part of God’s plan, story and redemption. Think of the disciples. Most of them were fishermen, along with a tax collector and others. We are given these details to show how God takes the most unlikely and uses them for His glory. Over and over again we see how God’s ways are not our ways because we would have chosen a far different twelve to take the Gospel to the world.

   We look for learned, accomplished people who would be skilled communicators with access to the media to get the story out and effectively take it worldwide. Instead we see God use a group of unlikely men who were not highly educated and schooled in any rhetorical arts. But they had Jesus with them and He taught them that with His involvement all things were possible.

   Also consider this, God took the all-star off the opposing team in Paul, who admits he was the Jew of Jews. Did God make Paul a tool to teach and preach to those he was schooled with, learning all of the Hebrews laws, traditions, etc.? No. Of course God didn’t do that because that would make sense to us. God used Paul to take His message to the Gentiles!

   So, when we see the account of Rahab, a prostitute being involved in God’s story, we shouldn’t be surprised. In fact, our reaction should be quite the opposite. We should expect God to take the most unlikely and use them for His purposes, giving us all hope that God can use us in His story, plan and redemption.

   Rahab exhibited great faith in knowing the Lord had promised their land to Israel. She wanted to protect the Hebrew spies because she had faith that God would protect Israel and she wanted safe passage for her family. Rahab took a bold step in faith that is recorded in history and it comes from an unlikely yet hope giving source. The story of Rahab and all the other unlikely Bible heroes are meant to give us hope when we feel inadequate, when we feel we aren’t up to the task. When we feel that way God may just be able to use us.

   Do you know someone who you would consider an unlikely hero of the faith? How has God used him or her to impact you? Will you be open to making a similar impact in someone’s life?

Bible Reading Plan - Day 175

2 Samuel 5-7

Ps 132

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