Friday – Faithful Obedience, Incredible Victory

By Nick Molick

   “Then Joshua rose up early in the morning and priest took up the ark of the Lord.” Joshua 6:12

   You have probably read or heard the story of the battle of Jericho many times.  At the very least you’ve heard a very catchy song about it. So, what can we learn from it now? What does it have to tell us? What this battle and many others throughout the Bible tells us is that a good and loving sovereign God wants a loving relationship with us and promises us spiritual blessings. But He needs to prepare us, and that preparation rarely looks like what we have in our mind’s eye.

   In one of the most famous battles in the Bible we see battle planning that is nonsensical to the nonbeliever. They read this account in Joshua six and wonder how in the world does this all work? It works because the One who makes it work is outside this world and is all powerful, all knowing, and He is everywhere.

   We get a beautiful example in this chapter of just how faithful Joshua and the Hebrew people were at that time. How is that? They get a battle plan that demands an incredible amount of faith. Think about it. You get orders to take over a city that is really a fortress and what exactly are those orders? Read 6:2-5. Does that read like an infiltration plan of a city from God or man? Of course, it’s from God because if it were from man there would be a lot more “man” involved in it.

    Man would be armed, man would be in action, man would be scaling walls, man would have flaming arrows. This all means that man would have faith in…man. We would come up with a plan that lets us help God out with His obviously flawed plan. But the faithful Hebrews did not see it that way. Joshua hears God’s plan and takes it to the people, and they are all on board. We know they are all on board because they are commanded to not utter a word during their marches until the end and they obey. What other group of people do you know could pull that off over the course of a week?

   The fact that these wonderful and sometimes baffling orders are given by the One outside of this world who wants us to be for Him is what gives faith and hope. Although at times our circumstances seem dire, strange or daunting, or a combination of all three, the God of Joshua and his people is there for us as well. One of the many things God is telling and showing us in this story is that faithful obedience can bring powerful, wonderful and completely awe-inspiring victories especially when that means the battle plan is not based on us but on the One who can guarantee the victory.

   In what places of your life can you willingly submit to God’s battle plan for a needed victory? How can you prepare yourself for direction from God that doesn’t quite make sense?  

Bible Reading Plan - Day 180

2 Samuel 11-12

Ps 137–138

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