How Selfish Am I?

“Search me, O God…” Psalm 139:23

How can you know if you are selfish? There is also no app for us to download. No one manufactures a finely tuned device that will measure our level on the selfishness scale. Selfishness is an attitude that spills out of our lives in moments of decision. When the desires of others collide with our stubborn will, our level of selfishness is revealed. Consider the following scenarios and rate your likelihood to react selfishly.

___ You convince family and friends to see your first movie choice.

___ You like being in control.

___ You don't like to lend your things out to people.

___ You find it difficult to compromise.

___ It is not easy to put the needs of others first.

___ You find it difficult to listen to other people's problems.

___ You leave messes around the house for others to pick up.

___ Constructive criticism feels like a personal attack.

___ Most of your conversations revolve around you and your life.

___ You don't like it when other people have the spotlight.

___ People who know you well have called you selfish or self-centered.

___ You will pressure people to get your way.

___ Forgiving others is difficult.

___ You find it difficult to apologize.

___ You aren't always happy when other people succeed.


Add up your score. If your total was upwards of 30, we can remove all the speculation. This sermon series is definitely for you (and me). Unless your score was zero, you probably have some room to improve as well.

This is not meant to beat you down; it is intended to open you up – to the idea that you could be selfish and the fact that your Heavenly Father doesn't want you to be that way.

Read Psalm 139 and pay particular attention to verses 23 and 24. Have you asked the Lord to do this in your heart?

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