Monday– I Am . . . Life!

By George Volpe

   “Jesus said …, I am the resurrection, and the life: he that believes in me, though he were dead, yet shall he live.” John 11:25

   In 2010, a scientist proclaimed that man had created life. He copied God’s blueprint for a Bacterial DNA molecule, substituted it for the real thing, and it behaved like the real thing. That’s a commendable piece of work, but that’s not creating life.

   There’s a good reason man cannot create life. Created things cannot create themselves. They can replicate as all living things are designed to do, but that’s not creating new life.

   Physical birth is an amazing event. From the moment of fertilization, the information in a single cell begins the process of growth until a baby is born. And I believe something else happens at conception that cannot be accomplished by any combination of mere chemicals. Since the beginning of time, God has imparted “the breath of life” into each person born into the world. It is at that point that man becomes a “living soul”. No one comes to life until Jesus imparts His life into it. All life comes from Jesus. He is life (John 14:6).

   But the physical is not all there is to our “life.” We tend to dwell on life as the movement and functioning of our physical bodies. But our bodies are only the “tent” we live in. We are “stuck” inside our body until it dies. But the invisible part of every person, the soul and spirit, live on.

   God said in Genesis 2:17 that in the day they (Adam and Eve) ate of the forbidden fruit, they would die. They ate, and that day they died. But, you say, they went on living. How did they die? The answer is simple for a child of God but rejected by those who do not know God. Even though their physical bodies went on living, they not only started to age and decay because of sin, but their spiritual connection to God was severed. Their eternal life, the kinship of their soul with God that He had enjoyed with them, was gone. Their spiritual family relationship with a loving God who is Spirit was lost. They chose disobedience resulting in separation from God.    

   The Life-Giver is ready to restore new spiritual life to anyone who recognizes that without the perfect sacrifice of Jesus Christ who paid the price for all our sin, that spiritual relationship with God cannot be revived any other way. Being born again means accepting the gift of life from the only One Who can give life, trusting Jesus to restore the spiritual life in us that was lost.

Bible Reading Plan - Day 71

Acts 2:14-47

Ps 61

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