Monday – From Chaos to Divine Order

By Paul E. Collier

“…has such a thing happened in your days, or in the days of your fathers?” Joel 1:2

Our situation in these last few months can be compared to the despair, chaos and fear found in Joel’s letter to the Jews of Judah, the southern kingdom. The question in the verse above can be asked in our situation today of unprecedented happenings!

One of the most stunning stories of chaos that turned to order began just before midnight on February 3, 1989 and ended the following day in Paraguay. A military coup d'état removed Alfredo Stroessner from power. His dictatorship ended after 35 years of terror.

The Soler family lived near the main center of the battle in Asunción. The family’s father was a childhood friend of the president. He was one of the president’s official bodyguards and his personal chauffeur. His large family lived carefree. Everything was paid for by the government. Money flowed freely. Everyone had a car. There were military vehicles everywhere in their compound. What a life they lived.

That abruptly ended when their beloved president was captured. They were stripped of everything. They were destitute. A bill was later sent to them for the years of rent and utilities they never paid. The father was quickly detained and exiled for five years. From riches to rags in one night!

But God had a plan! Their next-door neighbors were a missionary family, our colleagues, the Baslers. Dick and Libby began having Bible studies with the entire family. God used their destitution to bring them to riches in Christ. I baptized these seven new believers and they are all still living for Christ! Sadly, the father never accepted Christ.

The prophet Joel spoke of the devastation of the plague of locusts. He also spoke to the people about their broken relationship with God. God had a plan for them that entailed turning to God and obeying Him.

God’s plan is the same for our sick and broken world. Turn to the only One who can save us from a life of sin. “And it shall come to pass afterward, that I will pour out my Spirit on all flesh. And it shall come to pass that everyone that calls on the name of the Lord will be saved.” (Joel 2:28, 32)

He can change chaos into order. Have you called upon the name of the Lord? He is ready to save!

Bible Reading Plan - Day 1

Matt 3-4;

Ps 110

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