Monday – We Are In the Spirit

By Paul E. Collier

“You, however, are not of the flesh but in the Spirit . . . “ Romans 8:9

Chapter 7 of Romans paints a bleak picture of a believer living in the flesh and not in the Spirit. Paul was referencing himself in that struggle. We all struggle. When Christ left the earth, he left the Holy Spirit to indwell us and be our comforter (called alongside). What a wonderful relationship we have with the Lord.

The Spirit is not an inactive force in us. James writes. “Do you think that the Scripture says in vain, “The Spirit who dwells in us yearns jealously?” James 4:5. The Spirit longs for our full attention and devotion. Too many often lose their joy and remain in the Romans 7 struggle with indwelling sin because they enjoy feasting on the flesh. The flesh will become victorious over the Spirit. Can a bibleless Christian expect to see the power of God upon their lives? Can a Christian out of fellowship expect to see victory over sin? Will a believer who gives God a miniscule portion of their life see massive change? No, not at all. What a sad and empty life.

I would encourage all of you to commit to a time to study the Holy Spirit in Romans. It will liberate you and give you purpose and meaning in your Christian life. Your focus will not be on the things of the flesh but on things of our Creator, through the work of the Holy Spirit in our lives. Your personal plans can be refocused on the purpose of God in your life. Your never know where you will end up! It’s an exciting adventure.

Esther was a committed Catholic in Paraguay. She wanted to serve God. Her understanding was that she needed to give her entire life and enter a convent to become a nun. She was married to Jesus. Yet, Esther felt a vacuum in her heart. Something was missing.

A family member gave her a Gideon New Testament Bible. That was prohibited in the convent, so she read it in secret. One day she took a bus to Asunción to run errands for her order of nuns. As she stepped off the bus, she was in front of a large downtown plaza. There was a pastor preaching in the plaza. She listened from the back of the crowd. Her heart was moved by what she heard. Salvation was a free gift from God in Christ. It was not by her continual works that she was saved.

The Holy Spirit convicted her, and she was saved at that very moment. She was filled with joy because of the new freedom she found in her new faith. Esther left the convent and searched for a church. She found the New Life Baptist Church I was pastoring. The Holy Spirit became her teacher and comforter. She gave her life to share the Gospel to the nuns of Paraguay, so they would also find freedom in Christ. What an adventure when the Holy Spirit is guiding a life!

Bible Reading Plan - Day 1

Heb 3:7-5:10;

Ps 139:1–9

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