By Abby Hamm
   Picture this: you show up for Christmas dinner right on time. The table is set with the fine china reserved solely for this occasion. The centerpiece is elegantly prepared and can be admired from across the room. The tantalizing smell of honey roasted ham wafts throughout the dining room and your mouth begins to water.
   But when you go to sit down you find that despite the appearance of a meal all that is left on your plate are crumbs. The crumbs taste delicious, but you leave the table unsatisfied and hungry for more. The table was set, the food was properly prepared, but you didn’t get to eat it. 
   One of our core values at First Baptist Church Palmetto is to equip the church through Bible study. One of the ways we accomplish this goal is through the devotionals in the bulletin every Sunday.
   Often our devotionals are filled with colorful narrative, prayer-filled wisdom, and a suggestion to read a passage the author has studied. It is incredible that we have individuals who love the Lord and desire to share their knowledge with others in this way. As we approach a new year, the way we are studying the Bible through our devotionals will shift in a different direction.
   We will still have devotionals like before, but we’ll also be adding something new. Beginning this week, you’ll see a passage of Scripture that you will dissect and prayerfully consider. We want our congregation to have the joy of eating a full spiritual meal. We want to give you the opportunity to develop your own knowledge in addition to reading about someone else’s interaction with Scripture. We desire for you to grow closer to the Lord and develop a personal relationship with Him through your own study.
   The questions provided will walk you through interpreting the passage and lead you to see the application that uniquely applies to your personal situation. We want to guide you through the process of feeding yourself.
   The table is set, and the food is prepared. Are you ready to enjoy the feast for yourself?

Bible Reading Plan - Day 1

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