Thursday – Jesus is the Answer

By George Volpe

“…God was in Christ, reconciling the world unto himself…” 2 Corinthians 5:19

I recall having an argument with my wife a while back and a short time later we both looked at each other and couldn’t remember why we were arguing. We are all different, and as sure as the sun rises in the east, we will not always agree with everyone all the time. It’s a fact of life. It forces us to humble ourselves, to listen, and to embrace reconciliation.

We live in a polarized world. It seems like somebody is always upset at somebody else for no other purpose than to divide and cause turbulence. We all want to be right, and we all think we’re right. That’s a recipe for disaster if that’s the end of the story.

It’s always best for us to think right, say what’s right, and do the right thing. But even when we are right, it is not a license to be mean, unkind, and display a hurtful attitude. Everyone is going to disagree at times. But nobody has to be disagreeable. 

We’ve all heard stories of grown children who have not talked to their parents for years. Or the husband or wife who won’t talk to their spouse. Or the parent who “disowns” the child ─ how do you actually do that? Or the decision to snub your neighbor for that strange thing they did. People ignoring people. Making them invisible. Building walls. That is not Jesus, and not Christianity.

Is God surprised that issues arise between people? Not a chance. They are natural. They happen. And they give us an opportunity to grow as people and as Christians. We can choose to learn to yield and obey God instead of our own selfishness. We can choose to be humble. We can choose to reconcile and bring peace back into relationships. We can learn from the mind of Christ.

Jesus is the Prince of Peace. He is the God of reconciliation. He is not the God of wall-building. His gentleness gives us all a chance to listen and learn from Him. He did not have to rescue us. In our sin, with no place to turn, Jesus reached out to us. He reconciled us back to God. And He did it while we were in sin. We were without hope, lost in a desperately troubled world. It would have been understandable if Jesus just ignored us, made us invisible, and built a wall to avoid us. But Almighty God humbled Himself, came to us, and took our sin on Himself. God is the God of reconciliation. Jesus is the only answer.

Read Jeremiah 31.

Bible Reading Plan - Day 4

2 Cor 13;

Ps 107:1–7

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