Thursday – Perfect Timing and Planning

By Nick Molick
   “The second son he named Ephraim and said, 'It is because God has made me fruitful in the land of my suffering.'” Genesis 41:52

   As a society we do not wait well. We tend to want things to happen on our time, when it conforms to our schedule and when it is convenient for us. With the incredible advances in technology we don’t have to wait on a lot of things we used to. From getting our news to ordering items online we have created a very point and click society that is now used to things happening now. Coupled with our lack of patience for waiting is that we want things to happen a certain way, we like things to go according to plan. The secret here is that it’s often our plan and not God’s plan.
   When we slow down, pray for a little or a lot of patience and look to God’s word and His character we see God has things worked out in such incredible timing and detail that in retrospect, our plans seem foolish.
   When we look at the story of Joseph in chapter forty-one of Genesis, we literally see Joseph start the chapter in prison, in the pit. He had been forgotten for two years by Pharaoh’s cupbearer after interpreting his dream. Yet, by the end of the chapter Joseph is literally chariot racing through all of Egypt, the second in command only to Pharaoh, and putting into place a plan that would save countless lives. That is quite the story twist in one chapter.
   Put yourself in Joseph’s sandals at the beginning of this chapter and what is the one thing you want? You want your freedom. You want to get out of prison, out of the pit because you shouldn’t have been there in the first place. However, God had much more in store for Joseph. In God’s perfect timing and plan He had Joseph around when Pharaoh had a dream that bothered him. This finally sparked the memory of the cupbearer who only then remembered Joseph.
   While we would simply want freedom in Joseph’s position, God gave him so much more. God put him in a position to save Egypt, and in turn his family. Throughout Joseph’s story, and really the entire Bible, we see people in terrible situations and then God in His perfect timing and planning redeems the entire situation to His glory. When we balance that with how we want things our way, when we want them it should give us pause. If we aren’t patient enough to wait on God’s timing, we can only imagine the blessings we may miss out on. We would be well served to model Joseph, who in the midst of trials remained faithful to God and didn’t come up with his own plan in his own time.
   Pray for patience and wisdom both in and out of life’s trials as we wait on God and His perfect timing and planning.

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