Tuesday – DIY Rescue

By George Volpe

   There are home project DIYers who mean well, but don’t really know what they are getting into. There is a lot to be said for initiative and good intentions, but a proper understanding of construction is vital. Many DIYers find themselves in trouble, looking for someone to rescue them from a messy situation.

   Sometimes life is like a fixer-upper. We have great intentions and we end up jumping through hoops because we think we need to do things our way, the only alternative being “the highway.” The problem is we do not always make the right choices. In fact, if we depend on our own thinking and planning without divine direction, we’re walking down God’s road for our lives using a map we’ve devised ourselves. Sounds concerning.

   When Rebekah was pregnant with Esau and Jacob, God told her the two children were the fathers of two nations, differing in their dispositions and destinies. He told her that the natural order was to be reversed in them − the “older will serve the younger. Their struggles in the womb were a prelude to their future history. The Edomites (Esau) would serve Israel (Jacob).

   Jacob and Esau developed narcissism and selfishness, perhaps fueled by the favoritism their parents showed each of them. Jacob learned to dominate by strength of position, preparation, and patience. He was a docile thinker, physically weaker than Esau. Maybe he learned how to scheme and control from his mother. Instead of recognizing that cheating and stealing from his father and brother were wrong, he was more concerned that the evil plan his mother concocted might fail. Jacob worked his way through life on his own terms and made mistakes that he regretted.

   I wonder if Rebekah shared God’s words with Jacob? I wonder if Jacob felt it was incumbent on him to ensure that plan was fulfilled − his way? Perhaps he thought he was doing God a favor by cleverly providing a way to catch Esau in a moment of weakness, in order to steal his birthright. Who would provide a bowl of soup to a sibling only on condition they give up their inheritance? That’s just mean. Who would accept such a trade? That’s just foolish.

   God has repeatedly shown He is able to accomplish His will even if He is using someone who has it all wrong. Jacob’s life is full of missteps, but God still used him. Jonah refused God and tried to run away, but God still used him. David sinned with Bathsheba and committed murder, but God still used him. God never abandons His repentant children, even if they make a mess of things. 

   Read Isaiah 45.

Bible Reading Plan - Day 87

Acts 15

Ps 72:8–20

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