Tuesday – God is Nowhere? Or, God is Now Here?

By George Volpe

  The triumphal entry of a Roman General was marked with pomp and ceremony for a military leader who had vanquished an enemy. Captives were bound and led through the streets, swept away in defeat by a demonstration of the Roman machine. It was a political and military celebration meant to lift up the champions and humiliate the losers. 

   A week before He was crucified, Jesus rode into Jerusalem in what we call the “triumphal” entry into the city. What was the triumph? Why did it cause such a commotion in the streets? Why did the Roman authorities allow such a stirring procession? 

   Two kinds of people saw Jesus. Some saw the Son of God who heals and restores, loves and forgives. They could not and did not contain their praise and thanks to Him. The others saw the same Jesus and chose to ignore Him in order to defend their selfish and sinful living. But their unbelief and negativity were swept away, caught in the noise and excitement of the mob.

   Jesus was not riding on a gallant white steed demanding worship. He rode on a lowly donkey. People were making a path for Him with their clothes and palm branches. They were singing and praising Him with words the Romans did not recognize. The Romans saw Jewish peasants celebrating. But why? Who lifts up a man on a donkey? Why did Jesus even bother doing this?

   Jesus had proven to the world that He is indeed the Son of God. For those who believed Him, He could be none other than the Messiah, the fulfillment of prophecy and the answer to centuries of prayer. Just like today, some people were saying, “God is dead!” Others were saying, “God is with us!” One group was right. God was there all the time. Jesus had quietly gone about His ministry, but those days were over. This was His public declaration of His claim to be the Messiah and King of Israel.

   If there is any splendor or glory anywhere, it is God who is responsible. He is the designer, the creator, the sustainer of all. He chose to restrict Himself to the form of flesh to bring a clear and unmistakable message to save mankind. And in spite of all He has communicated to the world, there are still those who refuse to see Who He is and what He has accomplished for us even if He walks right by them. Jesus is still reaching out to people today.

   How do you see Jesus? Do you simply follow the crowd, or do you bow in heartfelt praise to the risen Savior?

Read Isaiah 42.

Bible Reading Plan - Day 137

2 Cor 11

Ps 106:23–33

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