Tuesday – He Never Left

By George Volpe
   “I will never leave you, nor forsake you.” Hebrews 13:5

   I remember when I could make a call and a real person would actually answer the phone. I didn’t have to press button after button working my way through menus for the privilege of talking to a human. Things have changed. We’ve all spent hours on the phone, on hold, hoping the person on the other end does not forget we’re still there listening to elevator music. And maybe you’ve also experienced those frustrating times when after waiting far too long, you hear a click, and the line goes dead. They hung up. How could they forget about you?
   Often in the deepest struggles of life, we find ourselves in a place where we feel forgotten. We look for answers and find none that make sense. We pray for God to change our situation, but the waiting seems long. We can’t understand what He’s doing and wonder if He even cares. We begin to doubt His way is best. We feel abandoned, left to fend for ourselves in an uneasy world of worry.
   I’m sure Noah and his family were grateful to be safe in the ark. But 40 days later after the deluge stopped, I imagine Noah was anxious to leave the ark. But there was no word from God − for months. All they could do was float around with no control over where they were or where they would end up. Sound familiar? God had saved them, but was He now abandoning them? It wasn’t until a full year had passed that God spoke to Noah again. He had not forgotten them.
   Joseph went from a large Jewish family to a servant and a jail cell in a foreign land. We know the end of the story, but it does make us wonder if Joseph ever felt just a little lonely, maybe even forgotten by God, though he never complained.
   Why do we feel forgotten? Do we interpret good times as God caring for us, while we look at the dark times as God abandoning us? God never changes. Maybe we need to re-examine our view of God and how He’s working in us all the time. Our feelings do not always align with the truth.
   It is natural to want to relate to others and feel loved. But when we focus on feelings, we lean toward trusting self, sometimes at the expense of trusting God. To view our circumstances as a reflection of God’s love for us is a misunderstanding of His promises, His power, and His presence.
   Just as God will not, Jesus will never leave us. He is the same yesterday, today and forever. (Hebrews 13:8)
   Read Hebrews 13.

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