Tuesday – In God’s Time

By George Volpe
“For everything there is a season, and a time for every matter under heaven.” Ecclesiastes 3:1

   From the time we are young we watch people everywhere planning events and most of the time carrying them out as planned. Other than the unusual glitch, church services and football games happen like clockwork. Weddings, graduations, parties, appointments with doctors and so many other plans work fairly well for us.
   We operate in a dimension where we have the freedom to choose how to schedule our time. It’s necessary, convenient, and expected. But we get so used to controlling the schedule in our lives that we easily fall into the trap of thinking that it’s all under our control. All we have to do is schedule it. We ignore the fact that it is God who allows us to schedule anything and use the time He has given us to do what we do.
   It is surely within God’s power to prevent us from accomplishing some of the things we try to do. And sometimes I am sure God does just that, knowing that if He does not intervene, we will find ourselves in big trouble. But it can be frustrating to have to wait for God’s timing.
   God could have taken all of the firstborn of the Egyptians right from the start, but the timing was not right. Maybe Pharaoh would have massacred Israel before he knew how powerful God was. God knew Pharaoh’s heart had to be ready to let the people go. God’s timing was right, but Israel would likely have disagreed.
   God could have prevented Joseph from 13 years of struggle, but His timing allowed Joseph to mature and grow closer to Him. And Joseph learned that lesson.
   Jesus could have come earlier or later, but God’s timetable put His arrival when the world was ready, and His church would have the best chance of growth.
   We do well to realize all of our appointments, all of our supposed “control” over schedules and plans have to be within the framework of God’s plan, or they would never happen. And even the things that turn out poorly because of our choices or our failure to seek God’s direction can still turn out for our good if we will learn from them.
   We might wonder why we can’t make something happen. There may be changes that God requires before He releases an event for us. And change is often the part of the process that takes more time than we like to give.
   Trusting God means that even if we don’t know when or how He will open the door for something to happen, we are willing to dismiss worry and yield to His plan.

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