Tuesday – Signs of the Times

By George Volpe

“…I say to all, watch.” Mark 13:37

   “Reminisce” magazine takes a look back at days gone by. It’s funny now to see how hairstyles and clothes styles have changed. When I was a boy, gas was 19 cents a gallon, and you could buy a new car for 1500 bucks. The average annual wage in the US was $3,210. But a lot more has changed besides haircuts and dollars.

   Sinful living is not new. Nations have always fought with each other. Rejection of God and authority, selfish leadership, false teaching, rejection of natural affection, and hostility toward Israel have existed as long as history has been written.

   But there are a staggering collection of more recent changes that show the alarming progress of the tightening grasp of sin on our world.

   The introduction of computers is changing us, for good and bad. Cell phones and social networking have made instant world-wide communication possible. Digital “crypto” currency is already a reality. Personal microchips are not far away. You will likely conduct all your money transactions from a microchip under your skin. No more paper currency, no more credit cards, and no more checkbooks.

   We are losing freedom of speech. Sharing the Gospel or even sharing what we think is right is becoming more difficult, even dangerous. Humanism is on the march. There is an ever-growing rejection of creation with a blind acceptance of evolutionary thinking. There was a time when science recognized the necessity of observation to prove a hypothesis. Now the mere “science” label is enough to mask improvable theories as fact in order to support the rejection of God’s word.

   There is a growing sense of entitlement and abandoning the work ethic. There is a growing competition between sexes, especially women trying to outdo and disparage men. There is a twisting of God-given natural gender identity. There is an increasing rejection of God’s definition of marriage and family. More couples are avoiding children to avoid the sacrifices and “inconvenience.” Same sex “marriages” are becoming “normal.” Monogamy is giving way to polyamorous relationships. It is no longer only a man and a woman becoming one. There is a cultural acceptance of “partners” instead of marriage commitments.

   There is also an effort to redefine who we are as a nation. The godly foundations that built and kept us strong are under attack like never before. Any history that does not line up with the current social “rights” is rejected, and orderly discussion is no longer an option.

   Jesus said we should discern “the signs of the times.” (Matthew 16:3) The window for sharing the message of Jesus is closing. People need the Lord now. He is our hope, our only refuge and strength.

Read Matthew 24:1-14.

Bible Reading Plan - Day 152

Matt 9

Ps 117

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