Tuesday-Jesus Is Calling

By George Volpe
   “When the Spirit of truth comes, he will guide you into all the truth, for he will not speak on his own authority, but whatever he hears he will speak, and he will declare to you the things that are to come.” John 16:13

   Congratulations: You made it into another new year. In the 18th century, German people started lighting candles for children’s birthday cakes. They added one candle beyond the current age in hope of another year to come. I don’t use candles any more on my birthday edibles. But so far, God has given me another year every year. I know that streak is coming to an end. In my more pensive moments, I sometimes think about opportunities God has brought across my path, and how I either responded well or poorly. 
   God has been pleased to create a universe that displays His unfathomable greatness. Truly it is astounding, far beyond our finite grasp. But it was not complete without His crowning creation: mankind. I suppose God could have given the greatest of His love to mountains or trees or dogs, but He did not. He created man in His image and His love burst into the world like never before. But not everyone He made recognizes and accepts the redeeming love of God.
   The Creator came to earth, took human form, and gave His life to provide us with eternal life. But we are still here, part of the grand plan of God. It is not so we can enjoy the sights and sounds and our morning coffee, although those things are nice. It is not so we can just enjoy our family and be comfortable, although those things are great. It is not so that we can feel good, although no one would argue that feeling good is nice. We have a short window of time to respond to God’s call for us to glorify Him—while we’re here.
   God gently and patiently encourages us continually to partner with Him as “workers together” in serving others so that we may honor and glorify Him. But who are the “us” and the “we”? We all know Jesus died for every one of us. We all know that the Word of God was recorded for every one of us. And we also know based on Scripture that His call to serve Him refers to each and every person who He has redeemed.
   How do you know when God is asking you to act? Consider the following: Are you praying for opportunities to serve Him? (James 1:5) Maybe that unplanned situation that came your way is God’s way of providing you with an opportunity. Is that thought bouncing around in your head consistent with scripture (John 16:13)? What is the counsel of godly people (Proverbs 11:14)?
   Finally, are you spiritually sensitive to God’s leading through circumstances where God lights a path for you? Put your trust in Him.

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