By Kenny Tibbetts
   Happy New Year, church family! I wanted to show in greater detail the changes to our devotional format. We have for the past two months introduced devotionals which look more like Bible study guides. We want to equip you to study the Scriptures in a deeper and more fruitful way, and we think this format will accomplish that. You will now see some of the devotionals looking like this:

   These devotionals will always start with a passage of Scripture to slowly and carefully read and consider. We believe the Bible is God’s word which He gives graciously to us for our instruction and sanctification. We believe the best and most profitable instruction for our lives is found in Scripture. We will always ground our teaching in what God’s word says.

   The Scripture passage will be followed by a few thought-provoking questions crafted to make you think critically and carefully about what God’s word is saying and how it meaningfully applies to your life. We ask that you take your time answering these questions that are designed for personal reflection, not to test your knowledge.

   God’s word always demands something of us. We do not want to be like those described in James 1:22 who were “hearers only.” Under the heading “Pursue” you will see an action step. We will provide a logical and God-honoring next step for you to take. It may be as simple as memorizing a verse or reading a related passage of Scripture, or it may be something you can do in your home or workplace. We want to help you become “doers of the word.”

   Finally, we will end each devotional with a call to prayer. Studying God’s word should always cause us to seek the One who divinely inspired it. We cannot hope to understand what God’s word means apart from a personal relationship with Him. We can best cultivate this relationship through the discipline of prayer. We will provide a few specific prayers related to the Scripture. Please do not think of this as a list of things you must pray, or that this is all you must say to God. We simply want to provide a way for you to get started.

Bible Reading Plan - Day 2

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