Wednesday – Building the City of God

By David Dickmann

As I read through Nehemiah, a few things I noted are:

  • God puts it on Nehemiah’s heart to rebuild the walls of Jerusalem.
  • God moves the king to give authority to build and to provide materials.
  • God moves in the hearts of others to work together on the project.
  • The work is hard, the workers are few, there is opposition.

I keep thinking, what does God want me to build? What is broken down that needs to be rebuilt in my lifetime? Is there a ‘city’ where walls are torn down and gates have been burned by fire? Is there a place where God has called me to go?

Now, God had not laid on Nehemiah’s heart to just go and rebuild any city; God placed on his heart the city of Jerusalem, the city where God had caused His name to dwell – The City of God. And where is that city today? It is the New Jerusalem, the church of Jesus Christ. 

In 1 Corinthians 3, Paul calls the church a building under construction. In 1 Peter 2, Peter calls the church a temple under construction. In Revelation, we see the completed city, the New Jerusalem. There is a cornerstone, Jesus. There is a foundation, laid by the apostles and prophets, and we are called as builders to do our work in our day to build up that city.

Let us ask ourselves these questions:

  • Has God laid it on my heart to build His church?
    Yes, we have the command written down for us in Scripture.
  • Has the King given us authority to build and the necessary provisions?
    Yes, we have His command, the gifts of the Spirit, prayer and the Scriptures to do the work.
  • Has God moved in the hearts of others to do the same work?
    Yes, we have our brothers and sisters in the Lord with the same calling and desires to help, support and encourage one another.
  • Is the work hard, are the workers few and is there opposition?
    Yes, the work is hard and tiring. Jesus Himself said the workers are few. There is strong opposition.
  • Will the city eventually be built?
    Yes, we already know the outcome.

So, what’s the conclusion? Let us each pick up our trowel, hammer and chisel and go to work together, each one laboring on a part of the building to which he is assigned and to which he is well-suited by God. Let us labor together in building up the church of Jesus Christ, fighting as we work. Our success is assured.

Bible Reading Plan - Day 3

Acts 25:13-26:32

Ps 78:47–57

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