Wednesday – I Can Only Imagine

By George Volpe

Looking at them, Jesus said, “With men this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.” Matthew 19:26

   The world defines impossible as something that cannot happen or is hopeless. But that definition comes from the human perspective and demonstrates that we do not understand, imagine, or account for how something could occur beyond the physical world.

   We wake up every day and we see the same world we saw yesterday. We still have air and running water. Gravity is still working. But how would I react if someone told me we’re going to walk across Lake Michigan tomorrow on dry ground? I would look at them like they had a plethora of mental screws loose.

   But seriously, how many of us have known people diagnosed with a terminal illness who have had that final check-up and the medical team saw no evidence of the tumor that was there days ago? Or that expensive church property that was not for sale for years, and became available at just the right time? For almost nothing? Or the job that was not available because a pile of people applied before you did, and you got the job? Or the car that skidded out of control on an icy bridge headed straight for oncoming traffic when it unexplainably bolted sideways out of harm’s way? Or the airplane that does a one in a million maneuver and lands safely on the Hudson river? 

   I say we don’t realize just how little control we actually have. I say God is at work in our lives far more than we know, every single day.

   God is doing what we see as impossible. He brings together people who are so opposite in personality it’s like night and day, and yet the marriage works. He builds a family of relationships with people who are so different it’s astounding, and it somehow glorifies Him. He makes the unlikely possible. We can’t take credit for that. God builds and nurtures all of us using a mixture of both storms and sunshine. He does what we would not and could not do.

   Sin brings disease, and He heals. Sin breaks fellowship, and He restores. Sin brings worry, and He calms the troubled heart. Sin promotes fear, and He settles our hearts. Sin brings discouragement, and He brings us hope. No human comfort can ease our concerns like Jesus can. He who made everything possible is able to do immeasurably more than we think. I can  only imagine.  

   So, when God commanded Israel to march around Jericho, they had a choice to make. Obey the God of the impossible, or go their own way.

Read 1 Kings 17.

Bible Reading Plan - Day 178

Matt 27:45-28:20

Ps 136:1–13

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