Wednesday – Step Into the Water

By George Volpe

“Now these things happened to them as an example, but they were written down for our instruction, on whom the end of the ages has come.” 1 Corinthians 10:11

   If you have raised children, you might be among those of us who feel that by the time you begin to figure out how to survive that adventure, the children leave the nest. Sure, you will always be a parent. But when the kids become adults, the relationship you had with them as children changes—significantly. The ways of the past are gone. Now you enter a new relationship, a new season, a new way forward. 

   We’ve all heard about parents who can’t let go of the past, and still treat their grown children like they will forever remain a youngster. When a parent knows only the past, it displays an immaturity that stunts their own growth and causes heartache in their adult children. Failure to move forward into the future God has for us can have troubling effects.

   The details of Israel’s history are recorded for our benefit so that we learn from them. (1 Corinthians 10:11) What was the significance of crossing the river Jordan? It was stepping into the land God promised. It was leaving the old and moving forward into the new. This nation blessed by God now stood at the floodwaters of the Jordan River. There was no easy way for even the strongest of men to cross over a raging river. But God said to move forward. Did He not care about women and children? How about their stuff? This was a serious obstacle.

   On the other side was a land flowing with milk and honey as God promised. But it was also a land of challenges. They would be walking straight into battles and warfare, of heathen practices and a culture that disregarded God. Was it worth the struggle and the pain to stand true to the God of Israel and cross over? Was obedience better than wandering? Was promised blessing really better than doing their own thing? Was the future really better than the comfort they felt right now? It’s amazing how easy it is to trample all over God’s guidance when we react with our eyes and our feelings, instead of believing God. But Israel obeyed.

   God promised them the land of Canaan. He promises us a new life in Christ. Israel had to believe God for a new future. So do we. They had to believe God wanted to take them out of the wilderness of the world. So do we. They had to trust that God would go with them through the struggles they would face. And they had to start with a step of faith. So should we leave the past and move forward in obedience. God’s promises will never fail. 

   Read Hebrews 12.

Bible Reading Plan - Day 173

Matt 25:14-26:13

Ps 129

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