Weekend – God is Bigger Than You Think

By Phillip Hamm

   Every once in a while, I worry about things I have no control over. And by every once in a while, I mean almost every day. I’m reminded I have no control over the safety of my kids while they are driving. I have no control over the refrigerator that just broke. I have no control over the health of my aging parents who live 900 miles away. I have no control over the economy that determines the retirement account I’m going to need one day. I have no control over the aches and pains of my aging body when I try to keep up with young men half my age. Etc., etc.

   The list seems to grow daily, and with it my anxiety, until I’m reminded of how big God is. Somehow in the midst of all this daily hand wringing, I’m graciously reminded that our Creator has written a story of history that I can’t mess up. I’m reminded He takes the details of my mistakes and victories, and in His sovereignty, somehow uses them to accomplish His purposes. I’m reminded that I don’t have to be in control of these things. And I’m reminded they will turn out far better when I stop trying.

   In preparation for worship on Sunday, read Genesis 50:15-21.

Prepare for Worship
   As you prepare your heart for worship Sunday morning read Psalm 12.

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