Weekend – In Spite Of

By Phillip Hamm

   I love the words "in spite of." They bring to my mind events in life where we deserved bad things to happen, but they didn’t. Where, in spite of ourselves, good things happened. For example, you said to a potential boss in an interview how nice it was he had a picture of his mom in his office. Unfortunately, he informs you it was his wife. In spite of that, you still got the job. You called your date the name of your ex-girlfriend… several times. In spite of that, she’s still dating you. You told your wife you really didn’t want your mother-in-law visiting for the month of July. In spite of that, you still get to sleep in your bed. And on and on it goes. We do the ridiculous and, in spite of ourselves, good things happen.

   The pattern is the same with God. In spite of ourselves, God still speaks. In the midst of our selfishness, rebellion, and simple stupidity, God’s grace overcomes.

   In preparation for Sunday worship, read Genesis 28:10-22. Jacob is perpetually selfish, yet God still has a plan for his life. And He has plan for your life too… in spite of yourself.

Prepare for Worship
   As you prepare your heart for worship Sunday morning read Psalm 149.

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