Weekend – Not Yet God’s Time Table

By Phillip Hamm
   Genesis 41

   It’s not easy to hit a baseball. At least that’s what I told my coach in high school. It really is harder than it looks. Let’s say that the pitcher throws the ball at 90 mph. It takes the ball approximately four tenths of a second to reach the batter. The batter needs about two tenths of a second to think and decide if he wants to swing at the pitch. It takes the batter a little over one tenth of a second to swing the bat. And if the ball is a curve ball, that break in that curve ball happens in the last one tenth of a second before the ball crosses the plate.
   If the batter misestimates the speed of the pitch by only 1.5 mph then his swing can miss the ball by a whole foot. Timing is important. And not just in baseball.
   It may not feel like it very often, but God’s timing is perfect. In preparation for Sunday’s message, read Genesis 41.

Prepare for Worship
   As you prepare your heart for worship Sunday morning read Psalm 136.  

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