Weekend – Not Yet: The Trouble with Waiting

By Phillip Hamm

   Waiting is hard! And we do a lot of it. A recent study states we wait, on average, 32 minutes each time we visit a doctor; 28 minutes in line for security when we travel, and 21 minutes for someone to get ready to go out. Every year we wait a total of 13 hours on hold for customer service, and 38 hours in traffic. That’s a lot of waiting. And as hard as it is to wait for those things, it seems even harder to wait on God.
   It’s hard to trust God when He doesn’t seem to be doing anything. Why is God making us wait so much?! Why would God let us want a baby so badly but not give us a child? Why would God let us want a spouse so badly, but not give us a husband or wife? What’s taking Him so long to provide the job; better health; or a healed relationship with an adult child? We’re trying to be patient. But God sure does seem slow. In preparation for worship on Sunday, read Genesis 37.

Prepare for Worship
   As you prepare your heart for worship Sunday morning read Psalm 133.  

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