Weekend – Not Yet

Feeling Forgotten
By Phillip Hamm

   Several years ago, my uncle took his ten-year-old son Andrew fishing with a group of friends. The river was several hours from their house, so they left way before dawn. Between the early departure and the seasick meds, Andrew quickly fell asleep in the back seat of the van. About an hour away from the dock my uncle stopped to gas up the boat and buy ice. He quickly paid and left.
   Unbeknownst to him my cousin, his son, had woken up and crawled from the back of the van to use the bathroom in the gas station. It wasn’t until my uncle reached the dock, unloaded the boat and parked the van, that he noticed Andrew was missing.
   Long before cell phones, there was no way to know for sure where the boy was. He definitely couldn’t call his wife and ask. On a hunch, he drove the hour back to the gas station, praying the whole time, only to find his ten-year-old son sitting quietly on the bench outside eating an ice cream cone the store manager gave him.
   Being forgotten is no fun. Especially when it seems you’ve been forgotten by God. In preparation for worship on Sunday, read Genesis 40.

Prepare for Worship
   As you prepare your heart for worship Sunday morning, read Psalm 135. Praise the Lord for He is good, and His name endures forever! Amen!

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