Weekend – unBroken

By Phillip Hamm

We are easily distracted. We have super computers in our pockets that ding, buzz and notify us day and night. We have a thousand stations on our televisions to choose from. And every webpage we look at has banners blinking and popping advertisements.

These only add fuel to our already existing problem. Inc. Magazine ran a report by Harvard Psychologists Matthew Killingsworth and Daniel Gilbert on this topic. They found that the human mind is actually wired for this state of continuous distraction. In a study conducted with 2,250 adults, they concluded that we spend around 47 percent of every waking hour "mind wandering."

“It's waiting at the gate for your plane and fantasizing about that dream position or company you hope you'll have in a few years. It's sitting in traffic thinking about the five emails you forgot to write earlier that morning. It's waiting for a conference call to begin and spacing out to a mental image of you sitting on a beach in Bali. We all know this state, and it turns out to be the default mode of operation of the brain.”

If we’re not careful distraction can control us. It can monopolize our minds in such a way where we lose the ability to accomplish those things we originally set out to do. The problem doesn’t stop with our to do lists; distraction creeps into our spiritual life as well. As we continue to study the book of Nehemiah, read chapters 5-6:14. Look for how Nehemiah was distracted and what ways he fought to keep the wall building plan moving along.

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