Weekend – Who Is Jesus?

By Phillip Hamm 

   On July 8, 1741, in a small church in Enfield, Connecticut, Jonathan Edwards preached his now famous sermon entitled “Sinners in the Hand of an Angry God.” It was reported that his sermon was interrupted with groans and cries from the audience. Some yelled out ‘what must I do to be saved?’ Others said they could feel the heat of the flames of Hell as Pastor Edwards preached. It was the beginning of the First Great Awakening in our country. Thousands of lives and even the trajectory of our country would be forever changed. But what did Edwards actually say in that sermon? Here are a few lines:

  • “Unconverted men walk over the pit of hell on a rotten covering.”
  • “The bow of God's wrath is bent, and the arrow made ready on the string, and justice bends the arrow at your heart, and strains the bow, and it is nothing but the mere pleasure of God, and that of an angry God, without any promise or obligation at all, that keeps the arrow one moment from being made drunk with your blood.”
  • “There is nothing that keeps wicked men at any one moment out of hell, but the mere pleasure of God.”

   His sermon describes God in a way we rarely hear. God is angry. And we are the cause of His anger. As we begin the holy week leading up to Easter, let’s meditate on the seriousness of our sin. Simultaneously, let’s also consider the seriousness of how God’s wrath was satisfied on the cross.

Prepare for Worship

   As you prepare your heart for worship Sunday morning read Psalm 146.

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