Weekend – You’re Invited

By Phillip Hamm
   Remember how exciting it was to get a birthday invitation when you were a kid? You knew your Saturday afternoon was going to be awesome because you were going to celebrate your friend’s birthday at a bowling alley, or putt-putt, or every parent’s nightmare … Chuck E. Cheese.

   There were two good things about being invited to a birthday party:
     1) You knew you were invited because someone thought it would be a better party with you there, and,

     2) they knew you would have a good time.
   I think this is how God sees us today. He invites us to some really great things. And He invites us because He wants us there. He knows it won’t be the same without us. And He invites us because He knows how much we will enjoy being there. Too often, we see God’s invitation as a burden or an obligation. In the process we miss out on some amazing things. Not only do we miss out, but the people there miss us.
   As you prepare for church on Sunday, open your heart as to what God might be inviting you in to. Consider saying yes to whatever it is. And remember, it’s just not the same without you.

Prepare for Worship
   As you prepare your heart for worship Sunday morning read Psalm 132.  

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