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Discussion Questions

Sunday, May 19
Authority - Part 2
A Different Response to the Authority of Jesus
Mark 5

  • What scenario were the disciples coming out of before the story in Mark 5? What happened and how did they respond to it?
  • Who met them when they landed? Describe this man.
  • Mark goes into great detail to describe the demon-possessed man. What is significant about the way Mark describes him?
  • How did the demon-possessed man approach Jesus? What did he say? How does this compare to the other demon encounters described up to this point?
  • In what different ways does the story point to Jesus being the authority and demons in submission to Him?
  • What were the demons afraid Jesus would do? What does this tell us about their future? How does Revelation 20:1-3 describe the end for the demons?
  • How did the people respond to the demons entering the pigs? Why did they want Jesus to leave?
  • How did the man respond to being free from the demons?
  • Why do people respond to the authority of Jesus differently? What bothers some while others find His authority comforting?


Don't forget to read your Daily Devotionals.

Sunday, May 12
Authority - Part 1
Jesus has authority over everything!
Mark 1:22

  • List a few things you would consider chaotic.
  • Why do you consider these things chaotic?
  • Describe what someone in authority acts like. How do you know they are in authority? What is the difference between good authority and bad authority?
  • What is Mark trying to accomplish in the opening chapter of his book. Why does he want to do this?
  • What are the different ways Mark points toward the authority of Jesus in chapter 1?
  • Take a few moments on each small story and discuss it. How do these stories establish the authority of Jesus?
  • If these stories establish Jesus' authority, how does this apply to the chaos in your life?
  • Why is it important to recognize that Jesus has authority over everything?
  • How do we know that we might struggle with the authority of Jesus? What are the signs of that happening?
  • What steps can we take to start changing our thinking about Jesus? How can we begin to see Him and His power and His authority over everything?

Don't forget to read your Daily Devotionals.

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