Sunday Sermon

Discussion Questions

Sunday, Dec 3
Faith – Part 1

Hebrews 11:8-22
Genesis 12:1-9

  • Describe something you can’t see, but you have confidence is there.
  • According to Hebrews 11:1, how would you define faith? Why?
  • What are ways people have described or defined faith? How might it differ from what Hebrews says?
  • Compare your definition of faith to James 2:17.
  • How do faith and works go together in the Christian life?
  • What was Abram asked to do? What was he asked to leave? Where was he asked to go? What promises did God make?
  • What was the outcome of Abram acting on faith? How was it going to impact others?
  • How long did Abram have to wait to see some of God’s promises happen? What promises did he not live long enough to see?
  • What has God put on your heart that you’d like to see Him do? How can you act on faith to see that happen?

Don't forget to read your Daily Devotionals.

Sunday, Nov 26
Joshua 3

  • What types of events require participation? Why are they better when everyone involved participates? What happens when they don’t?
  • When have you read the Bible and wondered why God doesn’t do the same thing today? What miracle would you like to see God do?
  • What is the storyline of Joshua 3? Who’s involved? Where were they coming from? Where were they going? What were they trying to do?
  • Why were they supposed to follow the ark? How far away were they supposed to stay from the ark? Why?
  • What is significant about telling them they must get in the Jordan River? What is the Jordan like at this time of the year? What do they not know about what God is going to do?
  • Using your imagination, what do you think the naysayers would have said about this plan? What reasons do we give for dismissing God’s invitation to do something that seems crazy?
  • What did the priests have to do before God parted the Jordan? Why is this significant?
  • What is God inviting you to do that sounds crazy? In what way might He want you to “step in the Jordan” before He does something amazing?


Don't forget to read your Daily Devotionals.

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